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When we speak of Paella we refer to a humble Authentic Spanish dish with enormous tradition and history in the Valencia Community. The popularity of this Spanish rice dish has currently expanded with great quantity of variant adapted ingredients to the diverse regions of the Spanish kitchen and of the world. Its popularity grew so much along the 20th century to international level that nowadays is a Spanish rice dish that can carry to the comfort of its house. This popularity has done that the Paella have gone transformations since the original prescription of the Paella Valenciana. (chicken, jumbo shrimp, scallops, mussels, calamari, Chorizo, fish, olives, roasted red peppers and green peas). The Authentic Spanish Paella has its own history as a dish, connected with the employment of the rice and its denomination proceeds of the container in which is prepared. The paella is a species of a Paella frying pan generally of iron with two or more you roast small, little depth and great surface. This Paella iron pan proportion maintains the ratios of adequate heat.